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We’re getting first takes on citizen media response on Haiti. Blogs, photos, video, Twitter, mapping platforms, beginnings of collaboration between citizen initiatives, development organizations, and mass media. Today’s going to be a busy day.

I’ve been adding links to this post throughout the day. Noticing, due to the lack of access to telephony and internet, a relative paucity of sources. That will change quickly as the relief effort gears up. I hope that we see efforts to include and amplify Haitian voices and perspectives as the relief machinery kicks into gear. Please send links if you know ’em. Categorizing:

Links from citizen media blogs and platforms:

Global Voices special coverage page Haiti earthquake 2010, and selected posts:

Ushahidi platform setup on Haiti at haiti/ An Ushahidi blog post details other tracking information mapping and tracking efforts and platforms, including OpenStreetMap, GeoCommons, Sahana, and InSTEDD., a Haiti-based blog, providing a range of content.

Dan Kennedy roundup at his blog Media Nation: Citizen media and the earthquake in Haiti.

Reuters Alertnet Haiti earthquake liveblog.

NYT”s The Lede: Wednesday: Updates on Haiti’s Earthquake.


Curated Twitter feed from Georgia Popplewell focusing on content from inside Haiti.

Another curated feed from Jillian York, with content from Haiti and relief agencies.

Miami Herald Tweets from and about Haiti after the earthquake.

Wikipedia: 2010 Haiti earthquake page.

Links in French:

Live audio stream in French/Creole.

Radio Metropole reports, including citizen perspectives, and a list of damaged buildings.

Le Monde du Sud/Elsie News

Espas Ayisyen Toulouse


Haitian Times, online news source

A useful BBC story and video: Earthquake devastation emerges in Haiti., from Santo Domingo in DR across the border, in Spanish.

USGeological Survey podcast, for the science behind the quake.

UN ReliefWeb, general information and latest updates.

Twitter Updates



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