USIP’s come out with their first draft of their Peace Media Clearinghouse. USIP describes the site as follows:

The clearinghouse provides a central site where educators, students, organizations, and the community of practitioners working in the conflict management field can access multimedia materials that support conflict analysis and prevention, conflict resolution, and post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation.

While Peace Media as a concept has both advocates and detractors, it’s surely useful to compile and organize the work that’s been done to date; the site gives us a sense of the breadth of Peace Media efforts over the past 15 years or so, and also provides links for those who want examples or tools for their own projects, lessons, and research.

Content comes from numerous sources, but a number of media development and human rights organizations have ‘channel’s on the Clearinghouse, including Internews, IREX, USIP, the UN, Search for Common Ground, and Fondation Hirondelle. The work of groups such as Witness and IWPR is also available, as well as PBS documentaries and other productions.

The site at the moment seems to mix productions intended as news for a general audience with efforts targeted for populations in conflict. Likewise the descriptions and links are uneven – but then, the site’s still in Beta and hopefully will surely include more information as it is developed. A useful source for anyone interested in the peace media field.

The site includes films and video, radio programs, teaching guides, video games, multimedia projects, and Interet-based projects. If you know of good projects not yet in the Clearinghouse, contact USIP or add them yourself.